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"The Lamas Beauty Chinese Herbs Shampoo has dramatically restored my frontal hairline! Just over a year ago, I was becoming self-conscious of my hairline as it had become thinner around the front edges. However, since I began using the Lamas Beauty Chinese Herb shampoo, I have seen amazing results and continue to grow new hair, grow thicker hair, and grow fuller hair. I recently began using the Chinese Herb conditioner and the results are even more profound! For anyone with thinning hair, or anyone wise enough to use a shampoo as preventive maintenance to hair loss in the future, the Lamas Beauty Chinese Herbal products are an absolute must!" --Shane

"I ordered the Chinese Herbs Shampoo and Conditioner because I was losing a lot of hair due to a hypothyroid and prolonged stress. It is SO great to use a product that actually does what it claims! Within 2 months, I have noticed a significant reduction in hair loss and shedding. I'm no longer seeing large clumps of hair in my shower drain and I'm noticing less hair loss while I am combing or styling it, too. My hair is starting to look the way it did when I was younger and before I became hypothyroid! My boyfriend has noticed the improvement in my hair and is now interested in trying the shampoo and conditioner for his thinning hair! Thank you Peter Lamas for such a wonderful product!" --Debbie

"Hello to you at Lamas Beauty. I am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Colorado and Washington. I have been using your Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo for many years now. It is the best product I have used in my career of 16 years. I have recommend this product to many clients who now use it as religiously as I." --Jenah

"I am a Lamas Beauty Canadian customer. I tried the Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo and was shocked with the amazing results after only 3 or 4 days! I recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Peter Lamas and let him know how his products had made a difference in my life. Back in my teens my hair was very important to me. I washed it with what I thought was a great shampoo, paid high prices for a cut and was complimented through high school and college. Well God had a different plan for my hair. I suffered two life-threatening illnesses and you guessed it, my hair was the first to go. It came back thin and dull and no shampoo or treatment would help." In 1995 again I had another bad moment and my hair came back, but had quite noticeable bald spots. Finally with my Chinese Herbal shampoo in hand, my hair started to grow in thin spots and thickened overnight. My doctor even mentioned it a few weeks after using the Lamas products. And yes, I must admit, I returned to flicking my hair and loving the compliments!!!" --Roxanne B.

"I have thinning hair, and I have started using the Chinese Herbs Shampoo. I have only had the products for a few days, but my hair has a cleaner feel and sensation and smells better than ever before. I will reorder! I feel that in time, with continued use, this will help my problem. Thanks Again." --Sylvia

"I am 46 years of age. I have been suffering from male pattern baldness since I was 24. To restore my hair, I tried various treatments for 20 years, including Minoxidil and hair transplantation. Neither of those worked to my satisfaction, and I stopped both of those methods three years ago. Approximately two months ago, I began using your Chinese Herbs Shampoo, and since that time I have experienced a noticeable re-growth of hair I have not had for many years. It is a truly remarkable product and would like to thank you so much." --Adam R.

"I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your Chinese Herbs Shampoo and Conditioner. I have some hereditary hair loss as well as, last fall, I experienced intense hair loss due to two major surgeries two weeks apart. I use Rogaine for women, but I wasn't very effective. I began using your shampoo and conditioner and I started noticing small hairs beginning to sprout on my head after several weeks of consistent use. I continue to use it and love it! Thank you for making a quality product that doesn't contain toxic ingredients or sulfates!" --Michelle H.

"I started using your Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Regenerating Scalp Serum, a little more than six months ago. Up to that point, I had been a twelve year user of the Nioxin line of hair products. With Nioxin, I noticed less hair loss every morning after my shower. But with your products, I realized hair growth! In the areas where my hair was receding, hair was grown and filled in so I have an even hairline now. Friends and family have noticed and THAT'S what I call a DIFFERENCE MAKER!" --Michael Z.

"I was beginning to thin in the front area. I have been having a lot of hair loss and finally the Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo has been a blessing to stop so much hair loss." --Ingrid A.

"I love your product and so does my hair! It's the only thing that works to make it manageable and easy to style, etc Even my hairdresser has commented on it since I started using it on a regular basis many years ago. I wouldn't dream of changing products - not when you find one that absolutely agrees with you. I underwent chemo about 2 ½ years ago and lost all my hair - but I still used your product - shampoo and conditioner alternating between the Soy Hydrating and Chinese Herbs Stimulating each day, just like I still had hair. I believed that it was important to keep the follicle healthy and believe that your shampoos and conditioners had been working so well, why stop now. Before my hair came out at least half of it had turned white - when it grew back in it came in mostly blonde ( my original color) and not even 5% white and it grew in thicker - so that did it for me - I'm not changing anything!! My hairdresser refuses to add any type of coloring to it because she says it's beautiful hair now. Thank you for your continuing business and diligence with respect to your product and customers." --Linda P.

"I just wanted to tell you how great the Chinese Herbs is. I have so much hair growing on my hair line that it is almost attaching to my eyebrows! Thank you so much for making such great products that work!" --Elaine

"My husband has been using the Chinese Herbs Shampoo and Conditioner and it has healed his scalp acne that the dermatologist said he would have forever!!" --Kelli

"Just like you to know how much we enjoy your product the Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo. What a product! My husband has psoriasis of the scalp or should I say did have. In 1 month of use it is almost gone."--Norma A.

"I have psoriasis. Two days after I first used your Chinese Herbs Shampoo I noticed the itching was greatly reduced. For the last three months I washed my hair two or more times a week and left the shampoo on my hair for the 15 minutes before rinsing. Last week my hair stylist only found one spot of psoriasis about the size of a dime. Thank you for a great shampoo." --Mary B.

"Lamas Beauty makes a Rice Protein Shampoo -- delicious and clean! My hair feels so good when I use it." --Alicia Siverstone, actress

"The Soy Hydrating Shampoo is a great help for my hair and scalp, which were badly damaged by a salon. The shampoo has helped my scalp produce a healthy amount of oil again, and moisturizes my baby-fine hair without weighing it down. Plus it prevents color fade so I don't need to damage my hair further in order to keep a livable color. I rate this shampoo better than Kerastase at triple the price. This has been a god-send - since have Celiac disease and cannot use products containing wheat protein." --Marcy

"Hello, I would just like to say thank you for making wonderful products. I absolutely love your Rice Protein Volumizing Shampoo and the Chinese Herbs Shampoo. Both work great. I love how there's NO animal testing or SLS. After hearing the harmful effects and horror stories from using SLS, I will never go back to products with it!" --April

"My daughter tried the Repair Me spray conditioner and loved it. I'm ordering her one as a gift. And to keep her from mine!" --Kathryn H.

"Just got my first order of Lamas' Rice Protein Volumizing Shampoo and the Soy Balancing Conditioner last week, and both my husband and I LOVE IT. I had to order more things as a result. Thanks." --Mary

"Mr. Lamas - Thank you SOOO much (actually, my hair thanks you) for creating products that deliver - specifically, the Soy Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner; the Volumize Me Mousse, and Repair Me Detangling Mist. I am African-American with thick, course, chemically relaxed hair - these products keep my hair conditioned, soft, and manageable between relaxers." --Freda R.

"I love Lamas products. I just tried the Rice Protein Volumizing Shampoo for the first time, and it is the greatest. Keep up the good work!!" --Shirley

"I bought the Rice Shampoo. I think it's excellent. I've tried many shampoos, but this gave me a fuller feeling and my hair looked very clean." --Marcia

"I recently purchased Hair products from Lamas. Some of these I had already purchased from my health store but they are not readily available. The Volumize Me hair foam was a wonderful surprise. It really helped the texture and manageability of my hair. The promptness of the delivery was most satisfactory. On the whole, my experience with Lamas will be repeated often and with pleasure. Thank you." --Deborah

"The Soy Shampoo is honestly the best stuff I've ever used and I've used almost all of the cruelty-free products out there." --Miakoda

"I have tried all Lamas skincare products and found them as outstanding as the shampoos and conditioner. I use both the Soy Hydrating & Rice Protein Volumizing Shampoo with the Soy Hydrating Conditioner. Thank you Peter Lamas for these magical products!" --Debbie

"I bought several of you products last week. I used the Soy Shampoo & Conditioner and they are GREAT! The best shampoo I ever used. A little does go a long way! When I do my own hair, it's a mess! Your Soy shampoo solved the problem. I washed my hair with it, and I left it dry naturally. My hair dried in long soft ringlets, no FRIZZ! Now I know it wasn't only the humidity that made my hair Frizzy and dry, it was the type of shampoo I was using before with harsh chemicals!" --Vanessa

"Peter, I am so excited about the new products, I can't wait!! I want you to know how happy I am with your skin and hair care. They are working wonderfully for me. I am also using them on my 2 year old, she has baby fine curly hair and the Soy Shampoo and Conditioner are working great!"

"I would recommend this product to everyone. The Soy Shampoo and Conditioner are incredible - I love it. The body wash is wonderful too! Try it. I was surprised how fast I received my order! Great service. Outstanding."

"I have very fine, short hair. Most products just weigh my hair down. I only need one pump of the Volumize Me Mousse and it gives my hair such amazing body. My hair is so soft and full. This just might be my miracle product." --Jill

"I've been a cosmetologist for 40 years, and during all this time I have used a lot of products. Since using Lamas Soy Hydrating Shampoo for chemically treated hair and conditioner, my hair is in the best condition it has ever been. I would recommend it highly. I would not use any other product on my hair again." --Hilde N.

"Lamas has excellent organic products; one for every need you could have! I won't use anything other than Lamas Soy Hydrating Shampoo. My hair used to be so dry and brittle, no matter which expensive shampoo or conditioner I used. Lamas products deliver what they promise to!" --Julia D.

"I could not refuse this opportunity to rave about Lamas hair care products again. I am still using the Soy Shampoo and Conditioner after a year and half, and cannot foresee myself ever using another system. Lamas Beauty is a company with extreme integrity and excellent customer service. It is never hassle dealing with wonderful company." --Jennifer H.

"I must say I was very pleased with the products that I ordered from Lamas Beauty that I just finished making another purchase. I ordered the Soy Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo made my hair soft and didn't strip my hair color. I will be a return customer for more." --Deborah P.

"I was given this Soy Shampoo from my daughter in AZ. I want to continue to use it. I do not have damaged or dyed hair, but this shampoo really put life into my hair and I love it." --Vivian W.

"I have very dry hair that needs a lot of moisture. The Soy Hydrating Shampoo makes my hair soft & smooth and helps keep it healthy. And the smell is heavenly! I love that it's free of sulfates, parabens, etc. It also seems to lather better than most naturall shampoos I've tried. Definitely a keeper." --Way N.

"I love the products. The Vital Infusion Complex is the best product for my face I have ever used. I am over 60, and it improved the skin around my eyes so much. It also helped remove the fine lines 'crow's feet' around the eye area. Thanks!" --Peggy

"Just wanted to let you know . . . I've had rosacea for years. I've used various products throughout the years with no change whatsoever. After using the Lamas line of skin care for about 2 months, the redness in my skin has diminished about 75%. I just wanted to thank you so very much. Plus, your Chinese Herb Body Lotion is the best! Thank you for being a company of integrity - incredible products and incredible service! One question - when are you going to come out with a color cosmetics line? I hope soon! Thanks again, May God Bless You and Yours!" --Linda F.

"I love the Pro-Vita C Skin Care Trio best. It has a lot of the most up to date vitamins in it, and actually feels like its nourishing the skin as soon as you put it on. In fact I've placed multiple orders and all products (shampoos, night radiance, etc. have been really good as well.) As they say, a blend of science and natural ingredients." --Karen H.

"I recently started using the Citrus-C Cleanser, Pumpkin Spice Polish, Soy Night Cream and Pro-Vita C Daytime Moisturizer. The results have been amazing. I am 69 years of age and have received more compliments on my skin in the last month than I have in the last 12 years. I love your products and will continue to use them and promote them to my friends. I also use the shampoo and conditioner. Thank you so much." --Hilda C

"I have used Lancome for YEARS. I've never used anything to compare with the Vital Infusion Complex from Lamas. My upper lip area has been my biggest challenge, I had electrology for years, which has pitted my lip, but, after using my first jar of Vital Infusion, people are coming up to me and asking if I've had surgery or what have I done differently to my complexion. I can't wait to see what happens after using my second jar of Vital Infusion Complex! I'm really excited about your product." --Pat

"I love your products and appreciate how fast you shipped them out to me. Keep up the good work and continue to make your products better and better and purer and purer. Someone who had not seen me in a while said my skin was just beautiful. I noticed how even my complexion is getting and noticed the difference when I was out of the Vital Infusion Complex." -- Denise C.

"I got the Pumpkin Spice Polish and the Citrus-C Cleanser and the Vital Infusion Complex! Wonderful stuff!!! I had broken out badly on a trip to Vegas and it has been the only thing that has calmed down my 2 weeks it has illuminated breakouts and removed much scaring!!! It has been very good on the skin not harsh at all! I went to a banquet and put on my make up with the overnight cream as a base, the cream protected my skin and the cleanser took off the makeup completely!!! Wonderful product! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see this product! Please more skin products they are amazing!" --Sabrina P.

"The Vital Infusion Complex is the best product I've ever used. I can see a dramatic difference in my skin. It really does reverse the signs of aging. Now that I've found it, I can't live without it!" --Nita F.

"Tried Pumpkin Spice Polish first time, I was impressed. My skin is clear and smooth. The scent of the pumpkin polish is delicious. Looking forward to using other Lamas products." --Adelaide B.

"I love Lamas Beauty! Everything that I've tried I absolutely love, especially the Soy Shampoo and Conditioner and the Citrus-C Facial Cleanser. More importantly, Lamas products are cruelty free and that speaks volumes to me! I've been ordering online for about two years now and have been totally satisfied with every product." --Katherine

"I ADORE Lamas skin care products. I have been hooked since the first time I used them. They smell so clean and fresh, and feel wonderful on your skin. I tell all my friends about your products and how wonderful and healthy they are. Thank you for making such excellent products that are also affordable!!" --Rebecca B.

"I would like to say that these are the best products I have ever used on my hair. After trying the Shampoos and conditioners I have gotten my daughters and a few friends to use Lamas and all are very happy with it as well. I also use the Lash Masque and the Night Radiance and they are also wonderful products. You can't go wrong using them yourself, you will be glad you did." --C.R.

"Wonderful, wonderful company! Lamas Lash Masque is my all-time favorite mascara! I will not settle for anything less! Buy with confidence!!" --Rebecca F.

"I absolutely love Peter Lamas Products! I tried the Pumpkin Spice Polish along with The Chinese Herbs Body Lotion and fell in love with these 2 new products. I have heavily bleached hair [well maintained] it doesn't cause my hair color to change colors like with most shampoos. Mr. Lamas has Excellent customer service and products. Delivery was quick too! Also Mr. Lamas products are natural, so that's one less chemical I put on my body. I love Mr. Lamas' anti-aging products as well. They do exactly what they claim!! Thank You!" --Cindy D.

"I bought some Lamas products several weeks ago and just wanted to say how pleased I've been with them. I have combination, sensitive skin, prone to breakouts and I have such a hard time finding products that don't cause havoc. But my skin has actually improved. I don't even wear foundation much anymore. I love using the Pro-Vita C Vital Infusion Complex at night." --Fran

"Peter, I just want to thank you for creating one of the finest and most remarkable lines of skincare in the world. Of course, it's a major plus to me that its vegan and cruelty free too! I've now been using your products for over six months and every day I look in the mirror I'm amazed how clear my complexion has become. I owe most of this to you and your great skin care line. I go through the day with clear skin and virtually no shine at all. My skin is healthy and clear and I owe this all to you and your terrific Pro-Vita C skin care line. Thanks again Peter." --Mark

"I was so excited to try the Pro-Vita C Vital Infusion Complex. CAN'T BELIEVE that only after three nights my skin feels firmer and looks better! I have very oily skin too. Thank you so very much!" --Kimberly

Dear Peter Lamas,
I'm a skeptic by nature. I was trained as a chemist and I never believe anything unless I can prove it to myself with solid evidence. About a year ago, my stylist recommended your Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo. I had been starting to thin on the top of my head for several years and she wanted me to do something about it. I was reticent to use any of the products like Rogaine or Propecia because I knew that there were side effects. I had also heard that they were expensive and if you started using them and then stopped, I had heard that the hair fell back out. I was also comfortable with how I looked and wasn't really concerned with thinning hair. My stylist said that she had clients that were using the Chinese Herb Stimulating Shampoo and it really worked.

I finally got tired of listening to her and had my girlfriend buy a bottle for me. I started using it per the instructions on the bottle in May of 2006. Now the thing about me is that I love empirical evidence and if this stuff worked, I wanted to be able to see the evidence. The research chemist part of me took over and so, before I started using the product, I took a few pictures of the top of my head where the hair was thinning. I figured that I'd be able to look at them at some point and compare them to see that the shampoo did nothing to my hair.

About 3 months after I started using the shampoo, my girlfriend started telling me that my hair was starting to grow thicker on the top of my head where it had been thin. I laughed at her. After about 6 months, she kept saying that the shampoo was really working and I needed to believe her. I decided to take another picture of the top of my head. When I compared the pictures, I was in for a shock. It appeared that the hair was really starting to fill back in on my head. I continued to use the shampoo and my girlfriend said that I should be writing the company to tell them how well the shampoo was working. Month after month, she kept saying that more and more hair was filling in on my head.

After another 5 months I took another picture and I was absolutely amazed. I now had 3 pictures, approximately 6 months apart, and even a blind person could see that my hair was actually filled back in on my head. It was unbelievable!! I finally sat down the evening of April 16, 2007 on your website and wrote to tell you about the success I'd had with the product. I guess there is something to be said about fate…The next day you emailed back to me to thank me for my feedback and to also tell me that Peter Lamas was actually in Phoenix that very week and would love to meet me. I can also say that Peter, a 60+ year old grandfather looks like he's in his 40s. If it's from using his own products, then I'm going to use every one of them from now on.

Enough with the words, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. For anyone that doubts the possibilities with the Chinese Herbal hair care products, all I have to say is just look at the pictures. Thank you from someone that will be a customer for life.


Scott D.

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